About Fine Art Prints


Chantal's fine art print range offers an affordable alternative to purchasing an original painting.

Superb quality fine art prints

Chantal offers a selection of her original horror artworks as fine art print reproductions. Chantal works with Left Bank Art Group on the Gold Coast, Australia to bring you these extraordinary reproductions. The original artwork is scanned using state of the art scanning technology. Artworks are captured at over 800 megapixels, achieving a depth that ensures Chantal's rich and textured pastel surfaces are captured digitally. The prints are remarkable, and so close to the original it is often difficult to tell the difference!

Printed to order and quality control   

Chantal's prints are not mass produced. Each is made to order by her printer ensuring that every print is subject to strict quality control. Your order is rolled and securely packed for shipping. 

Prints on paper

All fine art prints are available on paper. Chantal's printer uses museum quality bright white, acid free 300gsm rag paper and only archival ink. Prints on paper are hand signed with Chantal's signature and all include a white border. 

Prints on canvas

Select prints are also available on canvas. As with the paper range the printer uses only the finest museum quality canvas and archival inks. 

Framing and framing guide 

Fine Art Prints by Chantal Handley are sold unframed.