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An original hand-drawn artwork of Animal. Created using soft pastels.

Dr Teeth & the Electric Mayhem!

Animal is the primitive wildman, drummer named for his wild behavior.  I love animal! :)  Some speculate the character is based on either Keith Moon, John Bonham or Ginger Baker while others have suggested Mick Fleetwood.  Original performer Frank Oz has stated that Animal's character can be summed up in five words: sex, sleep, food, drums, and pain.

This one-of-a-kind artwork is a must-have for any fan of Animal!

Unframed Animal, created by Artist Chantal Laura Handley.

Created using a mixture of soft pastels and pastel pencils. This artwork is an unrepeatable original.

The size is approximately 12 x 16" on 355gsm acid free Canson Paper. Artwork comes signed, dated and a certificate of authenticity.


All items in this shop are created by horror artist & illustrator Chantal Laura Handley, and all sales are directly fulfilled by the artist herself. Thanks for your support!

Please allow 2 weeks for packing and sending the original.
* Artwork colours may slightly differ from your monitor's display.

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